Benefits of Exercise while Pregnant

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We all know how much exercise helps us, but did you know how much it helps an expectant mother and her unborn child? Well, below I’ll go through the benefits of exercise for both mum & bub.

Mumma-to-be will still get the same exercise benefits as everyone else – increased aerobic fitness, increased strength, etc. But these benefits are just for pregnant women:

· Increased chance of vaginal delivery

· Faster recovery postpartum

· Reduced risk of Gestational diabetes

· Reduced risk of pre-eclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension

· Reduced rate of pelvic and lower back pain

As for the unborn little bundle of joy, here are the benefits they get when their mum is physically active during pregnancy:

· Promotion of healthy birth weight

· Help to enhance brain development during infancy

· Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in infant

· Reduced risk of obesity-related health problems in infant

· More alert and interested in their surroundings

So, there you go, exercise has some awesome benefits for mum & bub. But you also must remember that you are encouraged to exercise if your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you have been cleared to exercise by your doctor.

I run a fantastic exercise class called Baby Bump Active. This is for pregnant women only and has a maximum of 6 women each class – this makes it easier for me to supervise everyone and to also make it as individualised as possible!

As every woman’s pregnancy is different, the way I have set up the process of the class is very important. We start off with the Baby Bump Active starter pack, and includes 1 x initial consultation, 1 x 45-minute individual session and 5 x classes.

In the initial consultation, we will go through your medical history, talk through your pregnancy and any goals you may have, and we will also complete some exercise tests to see where you currently are with your physical activity. From there, we’ll do a 45-minute one on one session; where I can determine what exercises will best benefit you. And then, we’re into the classes and you’ll be following the program that I put together specifically for you!

If you want more information, please check out the Baby Bump Active page here or contact me.

Or if you’d like to book in for your Baby Bump Active initial consultation, book your time HERE.

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