about us

Here at KickStart, we love helping people to become healthier and fitter. We make sure to bring a bit of joy and happiness to every client that walks through that door. 

We offer Personal Training and Exercise Physiology as our two main services, ensuring our clients have the best care available to them.


Whether an injury or condition is holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, or you are fully able and just want to push your health and fitness to the next level, being in the KickStart Community is the right move.

meet your trainers



Steph is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist, specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and women's health.

Exercise Physiology uses exercise as a tool to help people recover from injury, prevention & treatment of chronic disease, and to help improve people's overall wellbeing.


Adrian is a qualified Personal Trainer and current owner of Spring Into Fitness in which we are based.

If you are looking for weight loss, building muscle, sports performance, boxing or just generally want to keep fit and healthy, he is the person to see.





"My name is Jeff and am a 72 year old who served with the Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam. I have PTSD, back & knee problems and a heart stent in 2013. My GP referred me to KickStart in order to regain fitness and help me achieve my aim of losing 10 kg’s and wellness, which helps my PTSD.


I have been going to see Steph for approximately 3 years now and in that time I have been blown away with the support that Steph has given me plus she has also increased my muscle movement, motivation and self esteem which was not all that

flash before I started the program.


She is a very professional lady who knows her subject matter and can adapt the program to suit my fitness needs. Steph is magnificent in her approach to my program and I look forward every week to her one-on-one sessions.


KickStart and especially Steph are a very professional and supportive Company that I would recommend you attend. It is a very enjoyable experience and you get fit at the same time."



"You know you’ve had a good workout when the sweat’s dripping in your ears! Loving the Strong Women workouts.

The small groups means our trainer Steph can give individual attention to all her victims* (clients) and adapt each exercise to each person’s own development.

The gym provides lots of equipment for us to use and the atmosphere is very friendly"



"Before I started with KickStart I felt tired and drained for energy, I felt myself becoming very unmotivated and unfit. KickStart! was very helpful throughout the program and were there whenever I had any questions about my diet or exercise they were right there by my side guiding me to make right decision.


Our weekly training sessions were challenging but also very enjoyable.  I have more motivation to exercise and am feeling better about myself. I have loved every minute working with Kickstart and can't wait for the next journey to begin"



"I've used 2 programs from kickstart fitness and they have really helped me prepare for the up and coming season. The programs have allowed for me to both increase in muscle mass whilst also staying in a good shape to start the new season off well.


I highly recommend kickstart fitness to anyone looking to improve sporting results or just start a better, healthier lifestyle."